About us

“Zin Yaw Boat Service” welcomes you warmly. In Myanmar, Tourism Business is an essential and a very important factor, and Tourists who are travelling all over Myanmar need to use the cruise. There are innumerable sites and scenes that are to be explored and are waiting for all of you. The two most important rivers in our country are Ayeyarwady and Chindwin. The experience that you will encounter with, while voyaging along the river or along the banks, cannot be compared with the journey by train or by car or even by plane you will have an astounding feeling of joy you have never experienced before. Myanmar is full of nature gifts, such as rivers, creeks, ponds and lakes. Among the four elements that are indispensable, water is one of them. Zin Yaw Boat Service is fulfilling this quest of the Tourists who wish to explore the unknown lands and marvelous places all over the world, especially in our country, Myanmar. “Zin Yaw” is at your service by all means! Prices are cheap too! The Zin Yaw Boats are made of Myanmar ‘teak’, one of the best hardwoods in the world! You can also witness the Myanmar handicrafts of our boats.


Zin Yaw Boat Cruise warmly welcomes you! We have carried out this responsibility since 1995. All the captains those who are in charge of the boats are well experienced and will take you to your destinations safely and soundly. Moreover, we have arranged “life jackets” on the boats for your safety. We have also arranged delicious and fresh food for all Tourists.

Car Rental Service and Ticketing Services

Zin Yaw Boat Service is making arrangements for the Tourists for car rentals of different kinds of cars for your convenience. The air-con is switched on during the journey and the cars are driven by well experienced drivers for the safety of the Tourists. Zin Yaw Boat Service is taking responsibilities for all Tourists for the reservation of tickets for Bagan Ferry Boats and Internal car Rentals, so that everything will be smooth and convenient and be ready on time.