Mandalay-Mingun-Maysoon-Mandalay (Dolphines Trip)

We,Global Seagull Myanmar Travel&Tours company,want to introduce you a new tour program around Mandalay-Myaysoon Dolphins by boat .
It includes a special tour to experience the cultures and traditions of the Mingun and its surroundings.As touring will be meaningless without knowing the history of the place,so we have well-trained,well-experienced and friendly tour guides to provide you the service.

Day(1)Mandalay-Mingun-Myaysoon Dolphins Trip
Day(2) Myaysoon Dolphins Trip-Mandalay


From Mandalay the cruise boat starts at 8;00 am and the voyage takes 45 minutes. From the boat you can see log-rafts, powered schooners, sampans, traders and fishing boats voyaging up and down the river. Then the next stop is Mingun, where there are many historical sites, such as Mingun Bronze bell weighing (55555) tons and the second biggest in the world. The Pahtotawgyi pagoda known as the ‘Unfinished Pagoda’, the Big Lion statue, Myathein Tan pagoda, Andthen we will take lunch on the boat and then continue to Myaysoon village. We shall take you round the village to study about the simple life and customs of these villagers. Then we will serve you dinner and take a good rest on the boat for the remaining part of the night.


After breakfast you can watch the Ayeyarwady Dolphins, from the finishing boats and powered schooners; you can also watch the Dolphins helping the fishermen to catch more fish and their intimacy towards them in the natural world. After wards it is ready for you to have lunch inMandalay.

Interesting Facts about Global Seagull Myanmar Travels & Tours

*All include sightseeing are Mingun ,Myaysoon Dolphins Trip.
*We will see dolphins in the ayeyarwaddy river
*Have a Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
*We have 4 cabins on boat and comfortable bedrooms
*We experienced and friendly tour guides to services.
*A bottle of beer or coca-cola are free of charge services.


Sometimes,you can not see the Dolphines because of the weather or other causes of unforeseen circumstances.Mostly,you can see the Dolphines except weather and other causes of unforeseen circumstances.If you did not see the Dolphines we will show you to the other villages if we have got the time.